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Safari Supper for Sunderland Restaurant Week [ad]

I was invited to the #EatDrinkSunderland Safari Supper to get a taste of what is on offer for Sunderland Restaurant Week in return for me to share my experience on my blog and social media. All views in this post are my own.
It's already half way through March and I've just been so terrible at keeping my blog up to date! I decided to extend my hiatus after getting caught up in a car accident last month (thankfully aside from some whiplash I'm fine!) as I needed to make sure I didn't stress myself out any further. I feel like I'm back on track now though and I'm really excited to be posting again as I've got loads on this year! This post will actually be quite a long one, and my photos have actually ended up being terrible so please bear with me! Hopefully you get the gist of it, but I'm a bit rusty and I was a bag of nerves most of the night!
I was so lucky to be given the chance to attend the #EatDrinkSunderland Safari Supper to get a taste of just som…

09.04.18 - 15.04.18

So ever since I decided to really take this blog seriously, I've been sat thinking of things I can do to not only improve my blog, but to also have something to do during the week. It's my aim now to take at least one photo per day, of something that makes me smile, or something that I've done that day. I'm going to do this once a month, weekly is a bit much for me to keep up with! I think it's going to be a great way to keep my mood up, and might give people an idea on what daily life is like for someone with a chronic condition, especially those days that are particularly bad!

Monday saw the start of the first 5-day week for two weeks, I think it's fair to say I wasn't the only one dreading this. My morning was made infinitely better though with the addition of some new bits and bobs on my work desk! My stationary makes me so happy every time I see it, who doesn't love dogs and fast food?! I've also got the Yankee Candle 'Fresh Cut Roses' open on my desk, so that's all I can smell and I love it. And yes, that is a topless Zac Efron riding a unicorn, my all time favourite thing on my desk It's funny how something as small as a pretty desk can make you feel so much better.

Tuesday I did not want to leave my house in the morning. Swear down, it's the hardest thing ever leaving Harry when he's looking this cute! All I ever do is take photos of Harry, he even has his own Instagram. Every morning he comes in my room to wake me up, and then has a quick nap on my bed before starting his doggy duties for the day. I have a feeling this won't be the last time he's on my blog!

Wednesday turned out to be a very stressful day, both personally and with work. I'm currently on the Slimming World diet - or should I say lifestyle - which means on days like this, when all I want is a huge takeaway, gallons of Irn Bru and some chocolate to finish it off, I make smarter choices to stay healthy. I opted for a low calorie hot chocolate drink and two Salted Caramel HiFi bars. These bars are honestly delicious, I don't feel like I'm on a diet when I can eat these after a tough day.

Thursday kept up the stress unfortunately, and because of the day before, my fibro was playing up! Whenever I get stressed, I end up in a lot more pain the next day, and I find that my concentration and memory is affected so much more too following increased stress. I decided to treat myself again, this time to one of my favourite SlimmingWorld meals, a 'Hunters Chicken' with my own homemade barbecue sauce. 

Friday! Oh how happy I am to see you. Nothing beats the Friday feeling for sure, and this was even better because I had a lush meal and a theatre visit with family to look forward to after work. For a christmas present, we were given tickets for The Band! I absolutely loved it, I laughed, cried and sang all night long. I spent a lot of time when I was at school following The Wanted round, so this was perfect for me. I hope it comes back to Newcastle, I'd love to see it again!

Saturday saw the start of my Afternoon Tea Adventures (coming soon!) at The Running Fox. I'm a huge afternoon tea fan, and it was great seeing my friends and doing something nice with them. This is definitely up there as one of my favourite places for afternoon tea, I'll definitely be back.

Sunday. I HATE the feeling on a Sunday when you just know you have to go back to work the next day! Luckily though, I had a lovely catch up with some of my oldest school friends at our favourite place to meet for food. It's always such a laugh, so although I was in so much pain from the long drives the day before, I had such a fab time. I love when we all get together.

So that was my week! Nothing spectacular, it started off pretty basic, but had some fantastic things happen by the end of it with some of the most important people in my life (why am I so soppy).
Let me know what you get up to!

Abbey xx


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