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Preparing for a Hen Do with Fibromyalgia

I'm not going to lie, I've got an insanely busy few months coming up. As someone who is used to spending a lot of time alone, this is genuinely so different to my normal life, but I'm so happy about it! I did a quick post earlier this year going over some of the things I've got going on this year, so I thought I'd share some posts about how I'm preparing for these with regards to my fibro.
First up I've got two hen do weekends for two amazing bride to be's this year. I am so excited and crazily happy that I've been asked to attend. I've got one in Benidorm and one in Leeds, and they're both going to be jam packed with activities to make it an unreal time. But with this comes a lot of preparation on my end, to make sure I know I can have a fantastic weekend without a dreaded fibro flare. Whilst I'm fully expecting to need a bit of recovery after, I'd like to try and make it through both weekends without a flare up.
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Afternoon Tea Adventures | The Running Fox

I am a huge fan of Afternoon Tea, like seriously, HUGE! I've decided, because I love it that much, I'm going to try my very hardest to visit as many places for Afternoon Tea as I can. Someone has to, right? So this is where my Afternoon Tea Adventures begins! I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on where to go in the North East, I'm always looking for new places to visit. Leave a comment or give me a tweet with any of your must visits!

So first up (kind of) is The Running Fox!

I'd actually never heard of this place before, but as soon as my friend told me about it, I knew I had to go! Whilst I love the fact that afternoon tea is filled with lots of little cakes and sandwiches, I was excited to try this one for a nice change.

First off, I was pretty impressed that I managed to book a table for 6 people on a Saturday! I was worried we would have to wait weeks for a booking, and considering there's 6 of us, it takes a while to find a day we're all free!

Before visiting, I spent a lot of time planning what I was going to get, but as expected, as soon as I got there and spotted all the different cakes and pies, I was straight back to square one. 

Anyone else feel seriously excited when you spot the cake stand heading your way? I turn into a kid at Christmas. All the food coming your way, it's just amazing!

I decided to go with the Bacon, Brie and Cranberry sandwich, and I'm so pleased with my choice. You get a really good range of different sandwiches, but I definitely recommend this one. Again, a nice change, as normally you get the same sandwiches everywhere!

The pie/quiche was the most difficult choice of them all. They had such a wide range, plus some quiche flavours I'd never come across that I really wanted to try. I went in set on having a corned beef pie though, but as you can see, that quickly changed. I'm not a huge fan of corned beef pies with too much potato, and I'm never quite sure they'll live up to my Grandmas homemade corned beef pie, so I decided to go with the mince pie instead. I was really impressed, it was full of flavour!

I was so close to picking the cheese scone, but I'm so pleased I went with the fruit one. I think the scones are my favourite part of afternoon tea. I never have fruit scones with all the cream and jam any other time outside of afternoon tea, whereas I have cheese scones all the time really. I honestly don't know what it is about these scones that make me love them so much, but I wish I ate them more often. These scones were sooo nice too, one of the best I've ever had.

As expected, none of us managed to finish our afternoon tea, so we all ended up taking our cakes home! I decided to go with the chocolate fudge cake, an absolute classic in my eyes. They had a beautiful looking raspberry tart behind the counter that looked absolutely divine, but unfortunately the last two were snapped up before I could order (I'm not surprised, they really did look delicious). The fudge cake was amazing though, I thoroughly enjoyed snacking on it at home with a film on! 

This place was a bit of a drive for me, so I'm so pleased it was worth it! Even if you don't live close, I would definitely recommend to make the journey! It was quite small, but the entrance has a ramp so it's easily accessible, and they also offer a gluten free afternoon tea, and you can pay extra for other drinks if the normal tea or coffee isn't to your taste. There was constantly people popping in to pick some goodies up, so it's clearly a popular choice! The staff are lovely too, which is always a plus.

If you've been here before, let me know what you thought! And let me know if you end up visiting ☺

Abbey xx


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