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It's Time to CoppaFeel with Y Salon

You may have spotted on my Instagram a few weeks ago I had the honor to attend the CoppaFeel event at Y Salon in Newcastle. I was really looking forward to this event, knowing how important this cause is. It was such an inspiring event, I feel like I've learned so much about Breast Cancer and the CoppaFeel charity. I've decided to share it on my blog, because I think it's something that everyone should be aware of. 1 in 2 people will be affected by cancer, so it's important we do what we can to find it and stop it as soon as possible.

About the Salon The event was held in the Y Salon, who work with the Kevin Murphy brand. Kevin Murphy are committed to natural ingredients and being kind to the environment. They have so many amazing products, which we all got to have a look at during the event, which are all cruelty free and full of natural ingredients. In this day and age, it's so important we start making these changes, so it was really great to get to know what Ke…


So this didn't start well did it?

I had such good intentions with this blog, and then went through a tough time with my Fibro that led to me withdraw slightly.
I spend a lot of time struggling with my Fibro, and I feel like I have no where to turn, and then it hit me today; this is exactly why I made this blog!

I've decided to update my blog, on what I'll be posting etc so I can use this despite how my fibromyalgia is affecting my life. I also have so many things coming up that I would love to talk about on here, both just as an update on my life and what I'm doing but also on how my fibromyalgia comes in to play with different social events.

So yeah, lets see if this new lease of life on my blog can do the trick!

Abbey xx


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