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A New Year Update

Hello everyone!
I feel like I've been so quiet lately! My blog has not been on my mind much through the Christmas break, which has been perfect really. As much as I love and appreciate writing this blog, I've had the busiest Christmas break ever! It's been nice to be focusing on what I've been doing instead of worrying about getting the right photo to share on Instagram. 
So because of this, I thought I'd do a quick post to update you all on the last couple of months and what I have coming up!

December was my last month working at what was my first proper job after university. The whole month felt so strange, but the timing worked out well as it meant my final working day was everyone's last day for Christmas and I had a nice break before starting my new job! I will seriously miss all my work pals but I know I'll still see them all outside of work

I had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with my nearest and dearest. I did unfortunately end up having a bit…

Product Review | Copper Crisper

Anyone who is on SlimmingWorld will know how some of the best Chip recipes out there call for an Air Fryer. I was dying to get one, but couldn't justify the price, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

A friend of mine told me about these, and then when I was out looking for a potato chipper (I'm the worst at chopping any kind of veg!) I found this in Asda! At just under £20, it's just a fraction of the price of a number of Air Fryers out there. I've had a look about, and these are available on the likes of Amazon and Ebay to buy too. It promises to 'transform your oven into an air fryer' Question is though, does it do the job?

Okay, technically it is just a basket and a baking tray, but I'm a sucker for the novelty of it all. I also really love the colour, much nicer than the rest of my boring baking trays. It has me thinking how I might do out my kitchen when I eventually get my own house. 

The instructions you get with this is based on cooking frozen chips, so I did just wing it with mine! I decided to boil some (terribly cut) potatoes, and then I sprayed the tiniest bit of spray oil (the instructions say to not use oil but this made me feel a bit odd!) and a sprinkle of salt. After a quick rough up, I then just popped them in the oven until they looked decent enough!

I've only made Slimming World chips once before, and they were terrible, so if I'm honest I didn't hold out much hope based on my cooking skills but I was really impressed! I've made chips with these twice now, and I've been really happy with them, although I've never used an air fryer so I can't really compare. I definitely would recommend this if you didn't want to fork out for an air fryer. For me, it does the job and is so easy, no turning the chips half way through.

I think these would have looked better, if it wasn't for the fact I wasn't having tea until quarter to 10 and I was STARVING! But still, I think they really did work out really well. Sure, they're nothing like the chips you get from the chippy, but this is Slimming World, what do you expect?

 I first made my chips to have with my favourite meal, Hunters Chicken, with my homemade barbecue sauce. Next, I made a 'Nacho Chilli Feast', where I topped a load of chips with some chilli con carne and Primula cheese, and they really were delicious! I plan on being more adventurous with this, I'm intrigued to see whether the Salt and Pepper Chips and Chicken work well in this too. I may do a follow up post if I do try some more recipes, so watch this space!

Have you ever tried anything like this before? Or are you a die-hard air fryer fan? 

Abbey xx


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