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A New Year Update

Hello everyone!
I feel like I've been so quiet lately! My blog has not been on my mind much through the Christmas break, which has been perfect really. As much as I love and appreciate writing this blog, I've had the busiest Christmas break ever! It's been nice to be focusing on what I've been doing instead of worrying about getting the right photo to share on Instagram. 
So because of this, I thought I'd do a quick post to update you all on the last couple of months and what I have coming up!

December was my last month working at what was my first proper job after university. The whole month felt so strange, but the timing worked out well as it meant my final working day was everyone's last day for Christmas and I had a nice break before starting my new job! I will seriously miss all my work pals but I know I'll still see them all outside of work

I had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with my nearest and dearest. I did unfortunately end up having a bit…

What to Watch - TV Shows

It's fair to say, we all love Netflix, right? Well, on those days where even the thought of getting out of bed is too much effort, I rely on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime a lot. So I thought I'd put together a list of the shows I like to binge watch when I'm having a particularly bad flare up. Fair warning, I rewatch shows a lot, so these shows are definitely 'old news' and it's likely you've already seen at least some of them!

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I'm currently rewatching this for the millionth time right now! This show is about a police precinct and honestly I have nothing but good things to say about this show. It's so funny, but still manages to cover important topics too, without feeling like it's preaching at you. I've been known to spend at least 15 minutes discussing how brilliant this TV show is.

2. Black Mirror
I started watching this during The Beast from the East, when the cold made my joints give up on me! I genuinely don't know how to explain this TV show. Each episode is different, as far as I'm aware they're not linked so you don't need to worry about watching them in order. This show was on my list for ages as I'd only heard good things, but it didn't seem like my type at first. But honestly as soon as I started it I couldn't stop. Word of warning, the first episode is...odd. But bear with it, you won't regret it.

3. Parks and Recreation
This is on the same level as Brooklyn Nine-Nine with the genre. I absolutely love this show, I was absolutely gutted when it finished. But it's such an easy watch, and so funny, I have to recommend even though it's finished. This is the show that brought Galentines Day and Treat Yo Self day, two days that I celebrate every year now!

4. Reign
Again, another show that is no longer on, and one that is definitely aimed at young adults/teens, but me and my Mam still thoroughly enjoyed it! It's the story of Mary Queen of Scots, with an exaggeration of the romance in her life, and a little bit of supernatural adventures too. I'm a huge fan of history, especially the monarchy so I really enjoyed this, it was great seeing it in a more modern way. The dresses they wore were just beautiful too! I wish I had an excuse to wear those dresses!

  5. Jane the Virgin
I have become obsessed with this show! So gutted I've now caught up and on weekly episodes now. Again, this was a show that I'd seen plenty of times being talked about on social media etc and always thought this would be a good one for me. I started watching it on one of those tough days where you need a good comedy to have a good laugh at. Although I will say this; I have cried at least once during nearly every episode. Similarly with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, they cleverly bring awareness to important causes, whilst still being fun, dramatic, over the top (in a good way), and Rafael isn't too bad to look at either! Jane is one of my favourite characters in a TV show too.

6. Friends
Okay, I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain this at all! But to me, this show is just perfect for pain filled binge sessions. It's an easy, funny watch and because you've most likely seen it before, you don't need to pay much attention either!

7. How To Get Away With Murder
Complete opposite to Friends, this one you have to pay attention! I absolutely love this show, it's so clever, and Viola Davis is just fantastic. It can be a little intense, if you struggle with crime/forensics/blood etc, I'd give it a miss. If you're a fan of crime drama like I am though, this is a great one to watch!

8. Modern Family
I can still remember when I first watched this show, I thought there was only two seasons (that's all that was available on Netflix) so I was gutted when I finished it, until my sister informed me there was another 3 seasons on Sky! And it's still going strong now. This is definitely a feel good comedy series, perfect for binge watching over and over again.

So that's it! I feel like there's actually so much more that I could put on here, but I'm currently watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine so that's all I can think about right now! If you have any shows that are your go to for a good binge, please let me know in the comments, I'm always looking for new things to watch between Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Rec!

Abbey xx


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