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A New Year Update

Hello everyone!
I feel like I've been so quiet lately! My blog has not been on my mind much through the Christmas break, which has been perfect really. As much as I love and appreciate writing this blog, I've had the busiest Christmas break ever! It's been nice to be focusing on what I've been doing instead of worrying about getting the right photo to share on Instagram. 
So because of this, I thought I'd do a quick post to update you all on the last couple of months and what I have coming up!

December was my last month working at what was my first proper job after university. The whole month felt so strange, but the timing worked out well as it meant my final working day was everyone's last day for Christmas and I had a nice break before starting my new job! I will seriously miss all my work pals but I know I'll still see them all outside of work

I had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with my nearest and dearest. I did unfortunately end up having a bit…

A Cinema Experience | The Gallery

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Marvel films, and with the biggest one yet, Infinity War, out in April I've been unbearable for months. I have a friend who is on the same level as I am when it comes to Marvel, so we decided to treat ourselves and experience this immense film in the Gallery at Odeon MetroCentre!

I'm a huge fan of going to the cinema. I love that feeling when the lights go down and you become immersed in the storyline, the outside world completely out of your mind. I know in the days of Netflix and Amazon Prime, and with the prices of cinema trips ever increasing, a lot of people don't really think about going to the cinema. I genuinely don't think you can beat the experience! And considering how long I've been waiting for this film and the hype around it, this was one film that had to be seen at the cinema!

The Gallery at Odeon MetroCentre offers a VIP experience, and let me tell you, that's exactly what you get! We turned up around 10 past 11, giving us plenty of time to chill and take advantage of all the extras you get in The Gallery. When we arrived, we were shown to our reserved table, which had our 3D glasses and two tubs of sweets on it, plus a Marvel themed reserved sign which was a nice touch! The staff were so friendly, and informed us that we could get as many portions of nachos and popcorn as we wanted - exactly what we wanted to hear!

We both ordered some nachos to start, and although we had fully expected to eat a ton of food, this one portion completely finished me off. I do regret not being able to eat anything else, but considering the time of the film, I don't think it's a surprise. A nice surprise was the free Avengers poster we got too, I can't wait to put it up in my room (once I stop crying over the film that is)

Once the film was ready to start, we made our way to our seats. When you book the Gallery experience, you also get extra leg room and wide seats. This was perfect for me - fibro means I often struggle with sitting in seats for a long time, and considering how long this film was (we got out about 2:55am!) I was thankful to have a really comfy seat with plenty of room. I wish I could afford the gallery every time simply for the seats, but with a hefty price tag, it's just not feasible unfortunately.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed going to see Infinity War at the Gallery. It was absolutely perfect and made the entire experience even better. If there's a film you've been waiting to see for ages, or you're going to the cinema to celebrate something, I would definitely recommend booking into the Gallery!

Have you ever seen a film in the Gallery? What did you think? Let me know if you decide to try out the Gallery!

Abbey xx


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