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A New Year Update

Hello everyone!
I feel like I've been so quiet lately! My blog has not been on my mind much through the Christmas break, which has been perfect really. As much as I love and appreciate writing this blog, I've had the busiest Christmas break ever! It's been nice to be focusing on what I've been doing instead of worrying about getting the right photo to share on Instagram. 
So because of this, I thought I'd do a quick post to update you all on the last couple of months and what I have coming up!

December was my last month working at what was my first proper job after university. The whole month felt so strange, but the timing worked out well as it meant my final working day was everyone's last day for Christmas and I had a nice break before starting my new job! I will seriously miss all my work pals but I know I'll still see them all outside of work

I had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with my nearest and dearest. I did unfortunately end up having a bit…

Sometimes, You Just Need To Be A Unicorn

Well, I think we can all agree, this unicorn hype is not dying down just yet, and honestly, I'm here for it! Not to miss out, me and my friends from work decided it was about time we got together to eat and drink whilst dressed in unicorn onesies. Why not ey?

Now, this whole night came about after hearing about the Chicken Tikka Masala pizza and 'girthy' kebab that Abbie had. The minute we heard, we had to get involved. It's been over a year in the making, and it definitely lived up to it's expectations. If I'm honest, I'm not sure where the unicorn theme came from, but I was living for it! And Abbie really did go all out, it was fabulous!

The minute we walked in, it was unicorn central. I loved that all the food was unicorn themed, and the fact Abbie had made us party bags was just the icing on the cake, who doesn't love party bags?!

Although we see each other every day at work, it's still great to get together on a weekend too. The weeks leading up to this night were so intense at work, but by the day before we were all caught up, so it felt like perfect timing that we could celebrate and let our hair down ready for the next week!

Now, onto the food. I can't even describe the size of the kebab, it was legitimately nearly the length of my dog Harry, no word of a lie. We got two to share, plus a chicken tikka masala pizza between us which was to die for! We all completely pigged out but it was so worth it, the food was delicious. Now unfortunately, by the time the food had arrived, I was a bottle of wine down and dying for some pizza so I have no photos of the magical takeaway we had, which is very annoying but hey ho, I was way too hungry to be thinking about lighting and all that!

With having fibromyalgia, I often struggle with the normal nights out etc, so having a night in with some fab friends, food and drinks is often the perfect way to socialise for me. These days, everyone is obsessed with going on a night out and sure, they can be fun, but to me a night in can be so much better. You can talk properly, you don't need to worry about what you're wearing and you can relax so much more. This was such a fun night, can't wait to have another night like this 💙


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