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Preparing for a Hen Do with Fibromyalgia

I'm not going to lie, I've got an insanely busy few months coming up. As someone who is used to spending a lot of time alone, this is genuinely so different to my normal life, but I'm so happy about it! I did a quick post earlier this year going over some of the things I've got going on this year, so I thought I'd share some posts about how I'm preparing for these with regards to my fibro.
First up I've got two hen do weekends for two amazing bride to be's this year. I am so excited and crazily happy that I've been asked to attend. I've got one in Benidorm and one in Leeds, and they're both going to be jam packed with activities to make it an unreal time. But with this comes a lot of preparation on my end, to make sure I know I can have a fantastic weekend without a dreaded fibro flare. Whilst I'm fully expecting to need a bit of recovery after, I'd like to try and make it through both weekends without a flare up.
1. Start Preparing …

The Fibro Diaries | Pain Management Session Six

So I have officially finished the Pain Management Programme! Those six weeks went so fast, even with a two week break in between! You can read about session five here but for now, I'll walk you through our final session!

Again, starting with our wins and goals. I know I say this every time but I love this bit. My win for the week was attending the Pizza and Prosecco Festival the weekend before - I managed to use what I had learned at these sessions about pacing to have a great time without getting myself in too much pain. My goal was all about my holiday to Florida next year. I'm starting to panic a little about how my pain is going to be, I know it's all go in Florida but I might need to slow things down a little, so I need to make sure I plan everything right so I don't end up having a flare up. I was given some great tips on what I can do to keep my stress and pain at a normal level. I think it's such a good idea going round everyones wins, and especially goals. You might think you have all your goals set, but hearing other peoples, and the advice on how to reach them, gives you some more ideas on what you might want to achieve. 

We then went through flare up plans. To anyone reading these posts who doesn't have a chronic illness, a flare up is when all the usual symptoms like pain, fatigue etc are heightened, making your daily routines so much more difficult. A lot of people often find themselves unable to do the bare minimum during a flare up, which leads to negative feelings etc, so it's easy to get into a downward spiral. I've never thought of setting up a fibro flare up - basically, you set aside all the tools you need to get through the day during a flare up. Maybe a plan on things that need to be done, a chart to help communicate your pain, something to make you happy etc. We've been given the tools to make our own flare up plans, because obviously everyone is different and stuff like this can be very personal, so I'm pleased we weren't made to sit and do this in front of everyone. I'll definitely be making myself a flare up plan, and depending how I feel I might share it on here some time!

We then just sat and talked about how we felt about the sessions! Going through anything we weren't sure on, discussing what support we'll get now we're finished, stuff like that. I genuinely thought I would hate doing this in a group session but it's been great. I know it's not for everyone, and you can do this one on one, but one of the biggest things I struggled with was feeling isolated, so being able to go through this with people in the same boat as me (without needing to pour your heart and soul out). 

The very last thing we did was the relaxation, so I'm sure you already know how happy I was about this. I need to find myself a good app for this because it's honestly my favourite thing. I wouldn't have thought it would make a difference if I'm honest but it just does something, I don't even know how to describe it, but I often start it with pain in my hips and come out of it feeling so much better. If you've never done this before, I recommend giving it a try.

And that's it! I'm sad that it's ended but feel so much better knowing I've come away from it with all the tools I need to improve my life with a chronic illness. 

I'll be doing a post soon that rounds up my thoughts on the pain management programmes, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Abbey xx


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