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Preparing for a Hen Do with Fibromyalgia

I'm not going to lie, I've got an insanely busy few months coming up. As someone who is used to spending a lot of time alone, this is genuinely so different to my normal life, but I'm so happy about it! I did a quick post earlier this year going over some of the things I've got going on this year, so I thought I'd share some posts about how I'm preparing for these with regards to my fibro.
First up I've got two hen do weekends for two amazing bride to be's this year. I am so excited and crazily happy that I've been asked to attend. I've got one in Benidorm and one in Leeds, and they're both going to be jam packed with activities to make it an unreal time. But with this comes a lot of preparation on my end, to make sure I know I can have a fantastic weekend without a dreaded fibro flare. Whilst I'm fully expecting to need a bit of recovery after, I'd like to try and make it through both weekends without a flare up.
1. Start Preparing …

Cruising Down the Rhine

I've been meaning to write this post for ages, but I took that many photos on the river cruise, it took this long to pick out the best ones for this post!

I've made it pretty clear that Germany is my favourite country, I've loved it for years and wish I had the money to visit multiple times a year (German Christmas markets, anyone?) If you fancy, you can read my first post about my holiday to Germany here but for now, I'll take you on my river cruise experience!

This wasn't the first time I've been on the Rhine, but I'd never done this journey before. We started off at Bingen, and it's basically like a water taxi that takes you up the Rhine, you can get on and off as you please. We were heading North, up towards Cologne, which is the faster route. If you're travelling South, the journey will take a lot longer!

Now typically, the weather in Germany for the three days we were there was cloudy and cooler than it had been just the day before! So the pictures just can't even begin to do it justice as lighting was not on my side, and I only had my phone!

One of my favourite things about the Rhine is all of the castles! I actually lost count of how many we spotted, but they're all the proper old fashioned, medieval castles that just look so beautiful. It's crazy thinking about how life would have been back in the days when castles were the norm - a few of them are now hotels! I wouldn't mind staying in one, the views would be unbelievable.

Here I am looking a little windswept but also so happy! 7 years ago, I visited Germany for the second time on a school trip, and we took a trip on the cruise and ended in Bacharach. I have photos of me, looking so young with short black hair stood in that tower just to the left of my head - and here I was years later seeing it again! I actually recognised it straight away which was a surprise as my memory is terrible, clearly I just love Germany that much. It was such a blast from the past, but it was so nice.

We also got to see the Lorelei (Loreley in German) Rock. The legend says, a maiden threw herself off this rock in despair over an unfaithful lover, transforming into a Siren who lured fisherman to their death, her beauty distracting them so they would sail straight into that magnificent rock. The Lorelei statue was so small, and everyone ran to the side of the boat to get a glimpse, but hearing the story and seeing the size of the rock was fab.

All of the little villages and towns you pass on the river are just the cutest, they look like something out of a fairy tale. Full of colourful buildings, romantic churches and medieval castles, with the vast mountains behind them. Germany is such a beautiful country, it definitely doesn't get enough credit!

So that's a quick journey through my Rhine river cruise, it was such a shame it was cold and cloudy (honestly, the day we arrived and the day we left were in the early 30s, but those three full days we had clouds! Clearly took the English weather with us). If you're ever thinking of visiting Germany, I would 100% recommend staying in the Rhine region, the beauty isn't even describable and these photos honestly could never have done it justice. If you haven't already, get the Rhine cruise on your bucket list!

Abbey xx


  1. I've never been to Germany before but I really want to and this trip sounds great <3

    G is for Gingers xx

    1. I'll always recommend Germany for a holiday! It's such a lovely country, and so much to do as well! x


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