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Preparing for a Hen Do with Fibromyalgia

I'm not going to lie, I've got an insanely busy few months coming up. As someone who is used to spending a lot of time alone, this is genuinely so different to my normal life, but I'm so happy about it! I did a quick post earlier this year going over some of the things I've got going on this year, so I thought I'd share some posts about how I'm preparing for these with regards to my fibro.
First up I've got two hen do weekends for two amazing bride to be's this year. I am so excited and crazily happy that I've been asked to attend. I've got one in Benidorm and one in Leeds, and they're both going to be jam packed with activities to make it an unreal time. But with this comes a lot of preparation on my end, to make sure I know I can have a fantastic weekend without a dreaded fibro flare. Whilst I'm fully expecting to need a bit of recovery after, I'd like to try and make it through both weekends without a flare up.
1. Start Preparing …

Getting Cosy with Cranes [ad]*

Everyone has their favourite things about Christmas. One of mine is definitely all the festive and cosy food and drinks that come out during the festive season! I'm a sucker for anything festive, things I wouldn't normally think I'd like have somehow became my favourite things ever (jury is still out on Mince Pies, I'll get there though!). One thing that I thoroughly enjoy around Christmas is Mulled Wine and Mulled Cider! I love the flavours and I love that it's served warm, drinking a glass of Mulled Cider gets me feeling so festive, especially at a Christmas Market!

You may have seen a post a while back all about the Cider that Cranes make: they're a delicious (and healthier!) cider made mainly of cranberries. To me, the perfect cider for Christmas as cranberries are part of everything during the festive season! Well, Cranes have shared with me their recipe for making your very own Cranes Cranberry and Apple Mulled Cider. Doesn't that just sound amazing?! I've honestly been so excited to try this out ever since I found out that Cranes had this recipe. I think we're having a little get together at mine before Christmas too so I'll definitely be trying this out on all my friends!

What You'll Need:

2 Cups of Apple Juice
1 Bottle of Cranes Cranberry and Lime Cider
1 Piece of Fresh Ginger (peeled)
1tsp of Nutmeg
1 Cinnamon Stick
1 Large Orange
(Christmas jumper optional!)

How to make Cranes Cranberry and Apple Mulled Cider:

Pour the apple juice and Cranes Cider into a saucepan and bring to the boil.
Add the ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon stick and sliced orange.
Stir and leave to simmer for 10 minutes.
Pour into your favourite festive mug and enjoy!

Any recipe that only has 4 steps is good in my book. Christmas can be a stressful time of year, so the fact this is a chuck it all in the pan kind of recipe is perfect! A quick simmer while you're finishing up the food prep and you're good to go for your Christmas parties/get togethers! And I think the fact it's homemade as well adds that extra touch.

I can confirm, this Mulled Cider completely encompasses Christmas! The sliced orange and cinnamon stick make it look the part, and it will have your house smelling so lovely in no time, again perfect for any Christmas parties! It tastes so good as well, I honestly love warm cider around Christmas and this just tastes so lovely. The fact the cider is made of cranberries definitely makes it the perfect choice for making your own Mulled Cider.

If you decide to try out this recipe let me know what you thought! Have you got any go to Festive recipes?

Abbey xx

*I was gifted a bottle of Cranes Cider in return for this post. All views are my own


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