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Preparing for a Hen Do with Fibromyalgia

I'm not going to lie, I've got an insanely busy few months coming up. As someone who is used to spending a lot of time alone, this is genuinely so different to my normal life, but I'm so happy about it! I did a quick post earlier this year going over some of the things I've got going on this year, so I thought I'd share some posts about how I'm preparing for these with regards to my fibro.
First up I've got two hen do weekends for two amazing bride to be's this year. I am so excited and crazily happy that I've been asked to attend. I've got one in Benidorm and one in Leeds, and they're both going to be jam packed with activities to make it an unreal time. But with this comes a lot of preparation on my end, to make sure I know I can have a fantastic weekend without a dreaded fibro flare. Whilst I'm fully expecting to need a bit of recovery after, I'd like to try and make it through both weekends without a flare up.
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Afternoon Tea Adventures | Festive Afternoon Tea @ Hardwick Hall

Don't mind me, just posting about my third Festive Afternoon Tea! This is my last one, which I'm very upset about but luckily I ended my Festive Afternoon Tea Tour with a spectacular one!

My final one was at Hardwick Hall Hotel. This was my first time visiting Hardwick Hall, but once I spotted their menu I knew I had to book in for it! I was so excited for this and it honestly exceeded all my expectations.

I really loved the whole feeling of Hardwick Hall! It felt so nice and cosy, and very festive! The 

I was most excited about the savoury section for this afternoon tea! We had a Bacon and Brie Roll, a Ham and Pease Pudding Roll, a Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Wrap and a Roast Mediterranean Vegetable and Rocket Wrap. All of these were absolutely delicious, I was excited for them all, although wasn't too bothered by the veg wrap but honestly that was delicious! We were all so impressed by these. Probably some of the tastiest sandwiches I've had! And the Veg wrap made a really nice change and it was just full of flavour! 

We also had a Sausage and Caramelised Onion Roll. The came a few minutes after the Afternoon Tea stand and were fresh out the oven! It was absolutely delicious, I can't even begin to describe it! I'd even go on to say that it was possibly nicer than a Greggs Sausage Roll (I know, I can't believe I've said that!). It was definitely the best bit of the whole thing, but it was all so lush anyway!

The menu stated that the Afternoon Tea came with a Mini Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Quiche. I actually completely forgot about this on the day so I've only just realised it was missing from ours which is a real shame, but I think we ended up getting a fruit scone with jam and cream instead. I'm not sure if there was a mix up or if the menu has been changed but either way, the Fruit Scone was really good so no real complaints from me! Although I would have loved to have tried the Quiche! 

We also had a Mordon Cheese and Red Onion Scone too, this was absolutely delicious! So full of flavour, nice and cheesy but you could still really taste the red onion. I was lucky enough to take another one home for the next day too which was great!

I'm not going to lie, I completely stuffed myself so I barely had a chance to try the sweet stuff on the actual day! We had a Gingerbread Man, Mince Pie, Bakewell Slice, Mini Christmas Pudding and a Traditional Sherry Trifle. I had the Gingerbread Man and Sherry Trifle while we were there and I was really impressed. The Mini Christmas Pudding was so cute as well! I loved the look of all the sweet stuff, they did really well with the presentation of all the food. 

All in all, this might have been one of my favourite Afternoon Teas. All the food was so good, full of flavour, a good selection of flavours. I was really impressed with this afternoon tea, and I'm dying to go back for their normal one to give that a try too. If it's anything like this, I know I'm in for a treat!

This Afternoon Tea cost £15.95, and is on until the 6th January. You can find the menu here, and can also find the number to book, or you can book online. You can also find Hardwick Hall on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you enjoyed this post, you can read some of my previous Afternoon Tea posts here.

Let me know if you've been here and what you thought! I'd love to hear your Afternoon Tea experiences!

Abbey xx


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