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Once Upon A Time, I Was In My First Panto

Just a quick warning, this is going to be a huge rambling post from me! I had no idea where this post was going when I started writing it but I felt like I had a lot to say so I went with it!

credit: Signature Times Photography
Despite barely posting on social media lately, I haven't made it a secret that this January I was in my first ever Pantomime with the Dryburn Theatrical Workshop. This year, we did Beauty and The Beast, an absolutely fantastic panto and I loved every second of it.
Being part of this group has become so important to me already, so I knew I had to share a post all about my first ever show week. It was a real struggle for me, but also probably one of the best weeks of my life! I did things I never thought I would do, and had the greatest feeling when I was on stage which really surprised me as I thought it would take a few shows before I started to feel comfortable on stage.

credit: Signature Times Photography When I walked into the first rehearsal, I'm not…

My Festive Season Traditions

One of my favourite things to do as Christmas nears is discuss traditions with different people. I love hearing how people spend their Christmas Day and comparing it to my own. There's no wrong way to celebrate Christmas, and it's just a nice way to feel even more festive. I'm pretty sure everyone has something they HAVE to do in the run up to Christmas - it might be a family get together for food and drinks, a night in with your friends watching Christmas films, or you might plan a shopping trip with your other half. I honestly love that everyone has these little things that makes Christmas special, it's part of the reason why I love this time of year so much.

I thought I would share a couple of the Christmas traditions I have during the run up to Christmas Day. I'm a huge fan of having and keeping traditions going, I hate when plans have to change! It's almost guaranteed that if I go for a meal/have a night with a group of friends for Christmas one year, I'll then try and make that a tradition for us! Probably so annoying for all of my friends, but the run up to Christmas is my favourite (and busiest!) time of year. 

1. Fenwicks Window and Christmas Markets
This is how I get into the festive spirit at the end of November! I especially love visiting when it's late afternoon and starting to get dark, the lights always look so much nicer and it just feels that little bit more magical. I know a lot of people are completely against even saying the word Christmas in November, but I personally don't see why you wouldn't want to experience the happiness that comes with feeling festive for as long as possible!

2. Present wrapping with Christmas films
More specifically, I wrap my presents whilst watching Santa Clause - The Movie. It's one of my favourite films, and my favourite Santa too! I usually do this once my Christmas tree is up in my room, with my Christmas candles lit and the tree lights on. It always feels so cosy and it really just gets me ready for Christmas

3. McDonald's Breakfast on the last day at work
This is a relatively new tradition, but I always stop for a McDonalds on the way to work for a breakfast. Usually the final day is quite relaxed and just a tidy up before the Christmas holiday, but it's always a really fun day and a good start to the holidays! I don't have a McDonald's Breakfast very often so I see it as a little treat to myself before the Christmas holidays start.

4. Theatre Royal Pantomime
I've gone to the Theatre Royal Pantomime for as long as I can remember! I now go with my sister every year, and I still laugh at all the silly humour that is probably aimed at the kids! I love Clive Webb and Danny Adams, they do a really good job with the panto, it's always so good and such a laugh! We've recently started going for a meal at The Botantist beforehand too, I think that will become part of our tradition!

5. Christingle Service on Christmas Eve
Every Christmas Eve, me and my friends who live on my street head up to the local church for a Christingle service. Again, we've gone for as long as I can remember! The service is basically the same every year (which I LOVE, I hate change!) with all the same carols in the same order. I love how familiar it is. There's a running joke now about which year will be our final year for getting a Christingle. They're meant to be for the kids, and considering our ages range from 22 to 27, we probably shouldn't be going up for one. I think they're humouring us with it now as they'll remember us going when we were kids but I'm still really not looking forward to that first year we don't get one!  

6. Christmas Eve Pyjamas & The Grinch
I refuse to act like an adult on Christmas Eve! I usually get myself some snacky food or a takeaway, I put my Chrsitmas Eve pyjamas on and then I settle down in bed with The Grinch. It's been my Christmas Eve film for as long as I remember and honestly I don't like watching it any other day (have I mentioned I don't like change?!). I think I know all the words to this film off by heart now but there's just something about it that I genuinely love.

7. Work Christmas Day Out
Also known as, the day we all go out to get drunk! This usually happens on the first weekend of December, we've done York and Durham so far with this year being in Newcastle. Normally we rock up in our Christmas jumpers to go round the pubs and Christmas markets trying out all the different drinks and festive nibbles on offer, a nice way to blow off steam before the mad rush at Christmas.

I'd love to hear some of the things you all get up to once the festive season starts! I love sharing memories and traditions, it's what makes this time of year so lovely!

Abbey xx


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