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Safari Supper for Sunderland Restaurant Week [ad]

I was invited to the #EatDrinkSunderland Safari Supper to get a taste of what is on offer for Sunderland Restaurant Week in return for me to share my experience on my blog and social media. All views in this post are my own.
It's already half way through March and I've just been so terrible at keeping my blog up to date! I decided to extend my hiatus after getting caught up in a car accident last month (thankfully aside from some whiplash I'm fine!) as I needed to make sure I didn't stress myself out any further. I feel like I'm back on track now though and I'm really excited to be posting again as I've got loads on this year! This post will actually be quite a long one, and my photos have actually ended up being terrible so please bear with me! Hopefully you get the gist of it, but I'm a bit rusty and I was a bag of nerves most of the night!
I was so lucky to be given the chance to attend the #EatDrinkSunderland Safari Supper to get a taste of just som…

A New Year Update

Hello everyone!

I feel like I've been so quiet lately! My blog has not been on my mind much through the Christmas break, which has been perfect really. As much as I love and appreciate writing this blog, I've had the busiest Christmas break ever! It's been nice to be focusing on what I've been doing instead of worrying about getting the right photo to share on Instagram. 

So because of this, I thought I'd do a quick post to update you all on the last couple of months and what I have coming up!

December was my last month working at what was my first proper job after university. The whole month felt so strange, but the timing worked out well as it meant my final working day was everyone's last day for Christmas and I had a nice break before starting my new job! I will seriously miss all my work pals but I know I'll still see them all outside of work

I had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with my nearest and dearest. I did unfortunately end up having a bit of a flare up on Christmas Day, which was so annoying! I was in tons of pain but luckily still managed to have a lovely, chilled day full of food and laughs. 

I've also had loads going on with Dryburn Theatrical Workshop, parties and get togethers which have kept me super busy and been such a laugh. I remember December 2017 I was complaining about having nothing to do, and honestly this time I had something on pretty much every day. It's been really nice getting to know everyone too.

My 2019

So I thought I'd warn you now, it's likely my blog will be quite throughout January. Again, I have loads going on so my focus will be on that, but if I manage to find a spare afternoon I'll write up some posts, but I'm not going to put any pressure on myself to get posts up.

First up, I'm starting my new job! I'm both excited and nervous, and also worrying about the travel as it is a bit further to go, and everyone keeps mentioning snow which I'm praying doesn't come or I will actually cry. It's a bit different to what I used to do, but I think it's going to be really good for me so I'm excited to see what happens!

Secondly, I have my first ever show with Dryburn Theatrical Workshop, where I'm a dancer in our panto Beauty and the Beast! Again, I'm both excited and nervous. I've been trying really hard with this, and I'm not completely terrible which is always good. The first show is on the 17th January, so the week before that is full of rehearsals. I can't wait for the buzz of show week and to have all my friends and family come and watch!

So yeah, January is going to be full of me focusing on my new job and the Panto! I'm hoping I can get a few photos during show week to share with you all once it's calmed down, but like Christmas I'm definitely going to be focusing more on these and taking away the pressure of getting posts up. Hopefully once the show is finished and I'm settled in my new job I'll get a few Afternoon Teas booked in to post about!

I've got so many great things on top of this coming up in 2019 and I'm so excited to share all of that with you once this manic month has calmed down! I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year, I'm excited to get caught up with blog posts again!

Abbey xx


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