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Safari Supper for Sunderland Restaurant Week [ad]

I was invited to the #EatDrinkSunderland Safari Supper to get a taste of what is on offer for Sunderland Restaurant Week in return for me to share my experience on my blog and social media. All views in this post are my own.
It's already half way through March and I've just been so terrible at keeping my blog up to date! I decided to extend my hiatus after getting caught up in a car accident last month (thankfully aside from some whiplash I'm fine!) as I needed to make sure I didn't stress myself out any further. I feel like I'm back on track now though and I'm really excited to be posting again as I've got loads on this year! This post will actually be quite a long one, and my photos have actually ended up being terrible so please bear with me! Hopefully you get the gist of it, but I'm a bit rusty and I was a bag of nerves most of the night!
I was so lucky to be given the chance to attend the #EatDrinkSunderland Safari Supper to get a taste of just som…

Things You Might Not Know About Fibromyalgia

Hello! I feel like I haven't written a Fibromyalgia post in so long, this is so overdue. Whilst I try and include it in as many posts as I can, I feel like it's about time I do another post solely for fibromyalgia!

I thought I'd share a post about some of the things you might not know are linked with Fibromyalgia. I know there might be a few people who read this blog who don't know all the ins and outs, and a lot of the time the only thing that people talk about with Fibromyalgia (myself included) is the chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

You might notice just how broad these are, and also how similar they are to a lot of other chronic illnesses - which explains why it's so difficult to get a diagnosis! You might even look at these and realise you experience these. This doesn't of course mean that you have Fibromyalgia as these are very common symptoms and very normal things to experience which makes it all the more frustrating when you're trying to get a diagnosis.

1. Sensitivity
On top of always feeling pain, there's the added bonus of feeling pain so much easier than others! This is definitely something I experience. I can't have people touch my back as it's so painful for me, and I also have stages where parts of my arms are so sensitive that just lightly touching the hair on my arms causes pain. Mind you, this isn't just sensitivity to pain - people can experience sensitivity to light, sound, food etc. I struggle with sound, when I'm in close proximity to people and there's about 5 different conversations going on all around me I start to feel very overwhelmed.

2. Pins and Needles
I know, everyone experiences pins and needles, but it's definitely something that occurs a lot more often, and more intensely, when you have fibromyalgia. I would say I experience pins and needles at least 5 times a day, in some cases it'll be in my feet all the way up my leg and into my hips. It ends up being so unbearably painful! I also get stabbing pains in the palms of my hands and the soles I of my feet, almost as if they're burning really. 

3. Poor Sleep/Insomnia
As if we don't need any other way to feel tired! To be fair, this isn't something I experience a lot, I feel like I've had a really good nights sleep but I wake up absolutely knackered because of the chronic fatigue. Unfortunately some people just can't sleep, and honestly it must just be so horrible. When I have a flare up I get this symptom as the pain stops me from sleeping, so I know how horrible it is to not only be fatigued but tired too. I'm not sure that makes sense but hopefully you get what I mean! I actually learned a lot about sleep and fibromyalgia during my Pain Management Programme, I think I might write a post all about this and it did teach me a lot, so keep your eyes peeled!

4. Clumsiness
 I'd say this is likely linked with Fibro Fog. I'm definitely very clumsy, and my fibro fog is definitely getting worse. Sometimes this side of fibromyalgia can be quite amusing to be fair, saying the complete wrong word in a sentence can give you a bit of a chuckle. Other times it can be soooo annoying and also just not at all helpful in the situation you're in.

5. IBS
A topic I know a lot of people shy away from. Another one that just isn't fun at all, one of those 'can I not catch a break' symptoms. Like sometimes I just want to comfort eat and enjoy some good food to treat myself for dealing with chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis and in return I have to deal with bloating and even more pain! 

Plus a few more...
These are just some of the recognised ones that get shared across the web, but as you start to discuss it with other people online, you come across things that are common amongst other fibro warriors. For example, I've seen a lot of people say they deal with costochondritis, which is basically pain across your chest because of inflamed cartilage in your breastbone. I had is at uni and it was horrible, and it can last between 6-8 weeks at a time too! I've seen it can also cause intense period pain, which doesn't surprise me when you think about the basics of fibromyalgia, plus the fact that it's most common among women too. I know there'll be plenty of other things too.

So that's a quick breakdown of some of the things that come hand in hand with a fibromyalgia diagnosis. If you have any questions about these, or some symptoms you experience, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

Abbey xx


  1. Thank you for this! I didn't know that my clumsiness could be part of my fibromyalgia. That explains a lot!

    1. You're welcome, I'm pleased this post has helped someone! It's crazy just how much is linked with Fibromyalgia when you think about it.


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